SIDEOFRAY is an extension of myself, an alter ego. Slightly more confident, a much more sexual version. I wanted to explore nudity and sexuality and this is my outlet to do so.

It all started by wanting to explore photography, erotic photography to be specific. I couldn't find a model, therefore I decided to become a subject of my work. I thought that it was a temporary solution, but I found myself enjoying being in the spotlight and behind the cameras. Therefore SIDEOFRAY is looking at myself behind and through the lens.

Controlling the narrative

Instagram wasn't quite hitting the mark with how I wanted to go about presenting myself. I also didn't want to be seen as the next gay to strip for OnlyFans for the sake of getting coins. As even my sexual content is coming from a creative place.

The website was the solution as I don't have algorithms and guidelines to answer to, the goal is to showcase my work as a model, as a photographer and as an overall creative.

Embracing the lust

Lust and sex are part of our everyday human experience, I am not one to shy away from it either. While yes, there will be nudity and sexuality explored through a creative eye. Some content will just be straight-up horny.